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hidden doors, bookcase doors, secret door, hidden passages, Boise, Idaho
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Concept Doors

Our concept doors have been inspired by our client's ideas and dreams and made into reality. They are limited only by imagination and have resulted in some of our most creative and interesting projects to date.

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CBR Introduces another innovative and unique Hidden Bookcase Door. A custom designed Hidden Bookcase Pocket Door that ships to the jobsite completely assembled with a wood pocket door frame. An excellent choice for new or remodel construction to add storage without losing wall space for furniture and decorating. This Hidden Bookcase Door slides in and out of the wall effortlessly on heavy duty tracks and hardware and can be built as a single door or pair of doors. A popular choice of design has been the Curio Cabinet but with the proper size wall framing, a Hidden Gun Safe built into the door is often the choice of some customers. This Hidden Door allows 100% access of the opening size. Truly a secret door!
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Our ‘Home Theater’ Ticket Booth Door displays the innovative and creative mind-set that we have at CBR. The front of the door has 3-pieces of glass on the top half (Center glass is cut for the speak through and ticket slot) and 3– wood panels below. The wall mounted Marquee above has a programmable LED, scrolling sign installed. The Interior of the door is lit with recessed lighting and has storage underneath the ticket slot shelf for electronics and CD/DVD’s. The interior is accessed through the full sized cabinet door at the back.
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CBR has introduced yet another original and inventive design. Our Gun Safe and Curio Cabinet Door is truly one of a kind. No special framing is required as the door fits industry standard openings and can easily be built to fit into custom size openings. Both Inswing and Outswing models are available. A totally functional door, beautifully constructed, stylish and practical. Provides security and novelty in 1 door.
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Our Beautiful Cherry Bookcase Door displays the innovative and creative mind-set that we have at CBR. Customers can choose from our basic design of 1-fixed shelf and 4-adjustable shelves in an 8 1/4” deep cabinet or have us quote your design. You can also have Outswing or Inswing. Cabinet depths from 3 1/2” to 11 1/2” without obstructing opening depending on swing. Includesp ull out shelves, CD/DVD storage racks, cabinet doors and/or drawers fronts to match existing cabinetry.
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Hidden doors and bookcase doors can be also be used for an entertainment center or pantrys.

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